What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are the 30% of the population born with a nervous system that's more finely-tuned than others'.

​This trait of sensitivity is a genetically-based; you were born this way! In fact, it even has a scientific name: Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

If you have a Highly Sensitive Nervous System, you may relate to some of these:​

→ You feel deeply and empathize easily
→ ​You're easily overwhelmed by things like big crowds, loud noises, strong smells, or bright lights​
→ Your inner life is rich and complex
→ You need alone time when life feels busy and chaotic
→ You go out of your way to avoid overwhelming or upsetting situations
→ You get stressed when you have too much to do in too little time
→ You were viewed as sensitive or shy as a child​​

Highly Sensitive People have unique gifts.

Some common strengths of HSPs are empathy, passion, depth, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

Also, HSPs tend to put lots of thoughts into subjects and causes important to us, and we use their intuition to access unconscious wisdom that directs our choices.

Lastly, HSPs care. We care about we friendships, relationships, children, work, communities and the world. 

Highly Sensitive People also share similar challenges. 

​Common struggles include:​

Taking on the energy and emotion of those around them​
→ Low self-esteem
→ Feeling controlled by intense emotions (or being over-controlled emotionally)
→ Perfectionism
→ Overwhelm and fatigue
→ Empathy-overload
→ Anxiety/worry
→ Trouble setting boundaries and saying "no"
→ Over-stimulation

Most Highly Sensitive People need support to foster their strengths and work through their struggles. With the right help, we can live rich, joyful lives.

As a therapist trained in trauma therapy and supporting HSPs, I work virtually, supporting people throughout Colorado and California.

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