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To the deep feelers and thinkers, those who notice things that others miss, I see you.

Finally, therapy specifically for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

Did you know that high sensitivity is a genetically-based trait (like eye color)?
You were born this way; one of the 30% of the population wired to think more, feel more, become overwhelmed easily, and to be more impacted by your environment.

While high sensitivity comes with many gifts, it can feel like a liability in your relationships, life, and work. You may feel like something's wrong with you and try to compensate by hiding your true self,  numbing your feelings, or being perfectionistic.

These patterns often end up resulting in anxiety, depression, overwhelm, exhaustion, and relationship struggles. 

The world needs us. There's just one problem: it's not easy being highly sensitive.


We all have blind spots and old wounds, but that doesn't mean we're broken, defective, or "too much". It's just means we need a kind guide to walk with us through the murkiness to the other side, where a more fulfilling life is waiting.

As an experienced therapist and HSP myself, I'm equipped help you heal most of the struggles that come with being highly sensitive:  

→ Feeling distressed about the state of the world
→ Anxiety and Depression 
→ Over-thinking and worrying
→ Overwhelm and overstimulation
→ Exhaustion from feeling others' pain
→ Upsetting experiences and trauma
→ Confidence issues 
→ Relationship struggles

More than anything, I'll help create a comfortable, safe space for you to talk about anything and everything without judgement. My support is gentle, kind, and (in my clients' words) life-changing.

Meet Brooke.

Brooke Nielsen Yang is a trauma-informed therapist and the founder of the Therapeutic Center for Highly Sensitive People.  Over 15 years, she’s helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety and self-doubt. With advanced training in trauma therapy and relationships, she supports people in healing from their past and carving a brighter future.

She’s also the founder of Intuitive Warrior, an online learning community which helps HSPs discover the gifts that lie hidden in their finely-tuned natures. 

Brooke Nielsen Yang, MA, LMFT

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I offer virtual therapy to residents of Colorado and California.

A great relationship with your therapist is the best predictor of a successful therapy experience.

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